On behalf of the command staff at StHealth Nutrition, we congratulate you on your selection of High Performance Nutrition. You display the qualities and attributes that are consistent with the StHealth Special Ops Battalion’s Values and Creed. You have now taken your first step towards a better, more elite you.

StHealth Nutrition traces its lineage back to a time when high performance nutrition was lacking... The mission we chose to accept: “Design and manufacture nutritional supplementation that is superior to current offerings on the market; supplements that are free of any banned substances, safe for sports, formulated and tested to comply with the strictest conditions.” StHealth Nutrition has enlisted dedicated researchers, pharmacists, trainers and athletes making the core of our Command Team as impenetrable as the supplements we manufacture.

The objective is clear; assist our soldiers in the Global War On Fitness, whether that be in the gym, on the track or on the field, StHealth Nutrition is your ally in the battle that lies ahead. Designed for the elite athlete, used by the individual who takes their health, fitness and lifestyle seriously. Hard training requires high performance nutrition to prepare and repair... this is your war, your battleground, it’s time to own it.


Making use of the latest research and findings on clinically proven ingredients, StHealth Nutrition takes aim at fat loss and weight management. Tasked with a slimmer, firmer, more toned look for both professional and recreational athletes.

Through the use of clinically proven ingredients StHealth targets lean muscle development and conditioning. Tasked with achieving the lean muscle and fitness look for both professional and recreational athletes.

Products that are designed according to the latest research and findings with the goal to deliver serious muscle size and strength gains in rapidly. Tasked to achieve and maintain bodybuilding and explosive sport athletes physiques.

Energy, endurance and recovery are essential to professional athletes looking to achieve ultimate performance. Tasked with energising, fuelling and repairing the body before, during and after strenuous exercises.